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Webinar: Improving the Product Development Process for Mahle XE

Quelle: Ansys und Mahle XE

Mahle Electronics (Mahle XE) is a division of Mahle that develops auxiliary power electronics devices for the automotive market.

On June 29 at 3 PM CEST, Mahle XE will give a live presentation hosted by Ansys as part of its Automotive Webinar Series. This customer spotlight will include a brief overview of Mahle’s products, locations, and internal growth during the years. You will also learn about current simulation capabilities inside the mechanical R&D department of Mahle XE. Next, the session will cover internal use cases using Ansys CFD or Ansys Mechanical, showing some simulation correlations with actual tests performed in our internal labs in the CFD cases.

The presentation will be of value to engineers who are interested in electronics development and in the use of FEA and CFD simulation tools.

Sign up for this upcoming webinar here to learn how Mahle XE uses Ansys simulation to develop power electronic devices for automotive industry.

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