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Materials for the Electrification of the Powertrain

Quelle: Gorodenkoff/iStockphoto

The challenge for those looking to electrify powertrains in automotive and aerospace applications is essential to solve at both strategic and technical levels. Engineers are on the front line of an electrification revolution that must take place, and materials are evolving quickly to enable this revolution.

Finding materials with the right thermal, structural, and electromagnetic properties for the components of future electric powertrains is an important part of this puzzle. In the case of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), mass market adoption requires cell price reductions from $100/kWh today to $76/kWh. Considering that 75% of the battery cell price is determined by the material, tools for finding, selecting, and managing the right material data are increasingly important. Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers have developed proprietary material data, making material information management systems, like Ansys Granta MI, business critical.

What’s clear is that the challenges are complex and increasingly require a multiphysics approach to tackle the interrelated trade-offs that need to be made. This white paper outlines where materials fit into this challenge, the solutions Ansys offers, and how they can be factored into a wider multiphysics approach to produce the next generation of electrified powertrains.

Learn more: Whitepaper Materials for the Electrification of the Powertrain

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