Internet of Things Conference

Two are better than one – combined conference power with the Internet of Things Conference 2019 and the Machine Learning Conference Spring 2019.

From 17 -19 June 2019, the Internet of Things Conference and the ML Conference will simultaneously offer innovative sessions, keynotes and power workshops on the latest trends and tools in IoT and Machine Learning together in one place.

The future begins now! Topics such as Smart Homes, Connected Cars from the IoT sector and AI, Deep Learning and Robotic from the Machine Learning sector already make everyday life easier for us today and make it more comfortable, safer and more exciting. However, they represent only a small part of the almost unlimited possibilities that both areas still have to offer in the future. New groundbreaking products and Start-Ups are popping up like mushrooms every day. To keep track of the latest trends, tools and developments, developers, renowned IoT and ML experts as well as software architects from all over the world will come together at this year’s two conferences. There they not only exchange information on current topics but also connect.

The basis of the two conferences are of course the more than 60 sessions, keynotes and the four Power Workshops. They will be held, among others, by the leading IoT experts Peter Elst from Google and Lars Gregori from SAP as well as by Daniel Molnar, Shopify’s Data Janitor for Machine Learning.

An example from the IoT area is the session „The Future of the Intelligent Home“ from Peter Elst. He´ll be talking about one of the recurring trend themes of the IoT –  the Smart Home and its future. With the help of Google’s revolutionary approaches to machine learning, artificial intelligence and the resulting Smart Home functions, Peter Elst shows which trends and features will be possible in the future in communication between the home and its occupants.

Also, the session „Data Janitor returns“ by ML Conference Speaker Daniel Molnar is trend-oriented. It deals with GSPR, deep learning and all the hype around it. Far away from the puffed up content intended only for advertising purposes, he only refers to practical and own experiences and communicates only the most important facts to the audience. In the session, he´ll be answering questions such as „How does data infiltrate the organisation?“  „Which roles come first, what problems do they solve and what problems do they introduce?“.
As one of the leading conferences on the topic of IoT and Machine Learning, both are essential dates for the IoT and ML scene. They benefit from their many years of experience and are continually evolving. That’s why they will be performing together with a great program and many highlights this year as well.


Special: Register by 16 Mayl for a 3-day pass and save up to 210 €.

Colleague discount: Register with 3+ colleagues and save 10% extra.

Veranstalter: Software & Support Media GmbH
Datum: Do 06.06.2019, 00:00 – Mi 19.06.2019, 00:00
Download: Termin (ICS-Datei)

Veranstaltungsort: München

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